Master Steel is a reliable and efficient provider of steel construction products in Africa.

To think brick and mortar is to think Master Steel, at home, in the region and Africa.

Our existence must be of benefit to the customer, environment, citizen and employees. We exist because the stakeholder is satisfied with our presence through provision of cost effective, appropriate and relevant quality goods and services in a friendly environment.

To confidently take our position in conveying satisfaction to our stakeholders, we hold the following values and exist by them.

What we stand for

To compromise on quality is to shortchange our stakeholders, be it the customer, environment or employee

We operate in an industry where safety is paramount in every area of operation.

We embrace innovation and creativity in order to be in tandem with the changing times in the industry.

To be professional by acting with integrity, being honest and placing the satisfaction of the customer first at all times.

None of us has it all but all of us have it all, teamwork is paramount.

We cannot exist without our environment, being the source of our raw materials.

We recognize that our workforce can only meet the changing challenges in the industry through continuous employee development programmes.

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